Two Artists Join the BAC Family

Brooke Borcherding, Under the Shelter of Fall. Acrylic on wood. Image courtesy of the artist.


Originally from Southern California, Brooke lives and works in Seattle, focusing on painting from life and transforming studies into larger studio pieces in a style she calls her “deconstructions.”  “I have always been inherently drawn to the things that surround me where I live,” says Brooke. “I took my easel outdoors for the first time in 2009, observing and learning from both nature and my plein air painting peers while earning a BFA from the University of Oregon in 2010.”

Largely self taught in landscape painting, the artist deviated from the academic and theoretical in order to express “what is real, what is everyday, and embrace the often overlooked beauty that is right in front of us. My goal is to create an engaging visual scene that dances between the real and the inevitable unreal of paint on a canvas.”

Patti Christie, The Reserve. Pastel on panel. Image courtesy of the artist.

Olympia, Washington native Patti Christie is a fine arts graduate of The Evergreen State College and has been involved in visual arts programs in the Seattle School District since 1997. Growing up as a child with regular visits to the Washington coast, the tones of the dunes, grasses, sky, and ocean heavily influences her work. The colors are soft with little evidence of defined lines, allowing the viewer a sense of belonging to a time of day and season. Her work has evolved from landscape to today’s latest pieces that are more abstract yet retain her core belief in visual beauty.

“The paintings are simply meant to evoke a moment of repose. My work is an interpretation of what I see and know. Mostly about shape and color they are without social commentary or hidden meaning, meant to put the viewer and painter at ease.”

We welcome Brooke and Patti to the fold, and invite you to experience their dynamic works in our gallery soon!