Tiffany Thiele Will Shed Light on Her Creative Process at Saturday Demo

Tiffany Thiele.

Our final Artist’s Insight session of July will feature fused glass artist Tiffany Thiele. The event will take place this Saturday, July 22, from 12:30-1:30 p.m. at BAC. Tiffany will  assemble a piece in progress and show others in various stages of completion as she shares the process of creating kiln-formed glass.

Tiffany’s beautiful glassworks provide the 3D aspect in our current show, Translucent. The exhibition includes artists John Adams and Mike Biskup, both watercolorists with unique approaches to the fluid medium.

Glass vase by Tiffany Thiele.

In Tiffany Thiele’s hands, glass is apparently a fluid medium as well.

Her delicate vases appear to defy gravity with strands of color stretching upward, and translucent plates and platters seem to float off the table when the sunlight shines through them.

Glass platter by Tiffany Thiele.

Learn how heat and gravity create the varying effects and forms of the final works in Tiffany’s demo on Saturday. No reservations are necessary and the event is free,  but we welcome your donation to further support our mission of providing free art education and outreach to the Kitsap region. We’re grateful to The Suquamish Foundation for their generous support of our Artist’s Insight Series.

Photos courtesy of the artist.