October 2017

Look nevermore—mischievous murders of crows, ravens and magpies descend in multiple mediums.

Artists: Lynn Agnew, Judith Ames, Lynn Brunelle, Linda Costello, Lynn Di Nino, John Ellis, Michael Frey, Jeannie Grisham, Denise Harris, Robin Hruska, Sandra Hurd, Yuko Ishii, Linda Jarvis, Johnpaul Jones, Tracy Lang, MJ Linford, Leigh Knowles Metteer, Lynnette Sandbloom, Anna Von Rosenstiel, Susan Wiersema, Kamilla White, and Michael Zitka.

Kamilla White, Bernie Was Sure No One Would Ever Believe Him. Acrylic on Canvas.

Susan Wiersema, Steller’s Jay. Mixed Media.

Leigh Knowles Metteer, Red Cedar. Monotype.

Images courtesy of the artists.

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