MAY 2016

May 2016

SOLD Lynnette Sandbloom. Feather House

SOLD Lynnette Sandbloom.
“Feather House”


Extraordinary stitched paper collage and acrylic paintings.

I am a quilter and a painter.  I love to play with color. Color is interactions, layers, adding, subtracting, bold, or whispering. When I combine color with shapes and forms, the possibilities seem endless. Those moments where it all comes together make time stand still. That is the magic I endlessly pursue in my art, whatever the medium.



Contemporary bisque fired and hand painted ceramic spheres.

Although my primary focus with clay has always been “raku”, for the last several years I have been working with spherical shapes with a painted surface decoration. These spheres are hand-formed into molds, textured using found objects, bisque fired, then hand-painted and waxed. As with “raku”, no two pieces are identical. Unlike some other traditional ceramic techniques, painting is a fun creative process that allows for complexity and a wide array of vivid colors, yet allows considerable control.

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