March 2017

March 3-26

Elizabeth Reed Smith: Offerings

An exhibition celebrating the rich life and enduring work of our dear friend, the late Elizabeth Reed Smith.

Elizabeth Reed Smith

Four and Twenty

“In my work I seek to convey the clarity, beauty, and simple majesty of the commonplace, otherwise so easily taken for granted,” Elizabeth wrote. Here we showcase the artist’s passion for the natural world coupled with her breathtaking, exacting use of centuries-old techniques: pen and ink, dry-point and copperplate etching, and metal leaf collage.

Elizabeth most often focused her artist’s eye on forms in nature. Employing an incomparable skill with fine line, she created drawings and prints that revealed trees and shrubbery for what they really were: intricate riots of geometry that were simultaneously formal, graceful, elegant, and wild.

Be sure and visit our friends at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, where more of Ms. Smith’s work will be represented in a group show called “Revering Nature,” in their upstairs Feferman & Beacon Galleries. The BIMA show opens March 11.

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Witches Moon

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Elizabeth Reed Smith