Exhibitions: March 2010

Art Couture

Peggy Vanbianchi, Lend Us a HandThe clothes we wear our close to our hearts – and also close to our heads, hands, and feet. For Art Couture, artists have provided us with great design, amusing stories, and unexpected poetry.

Sam Garriott Antonacci, Mary Balcomb, Morgan Brig, Lynn Brunelle, Pam Berglundh, Diana Cronin, Megan Drew, Brian Fisher, Jeannie Grisham, Denise Harris, Sandy Hurd, Linnea Lundmark, Gennielynn Martin, Shane Miller, Alisa Moore, Michiko Olson, Kristin Tollefson, Peggy Vanbianchi, and Amy Williams.

Peggy Vanbianchi, Lend Us a Hand, 2009 (detail). Pastels and kid gloves. Image courtesy of the artist.

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