Exibitions: June 2014

Blown Away, Cast Away
Lynn Read, Ellipse IncalmoHandmade art and production glass by some of the region’s hottest – and coolest – talent. The show is curated by Glass Quarterly contributing editor and BAC alum Victoria Josslin.

Granite Calimpong, Bruce Greek, Janusz Pozniak, Lynn E. Read, Boyd Sugiki, Takuya Tokizawa, and Lisa Zerkowitz.

Lynn Everett Read, Ellipse incalmo bottles. Image courtesy of the artist.

Big Black & White
Harry Ableman, EnduranceBlack and white photography on a grand scale.

Harry Ableman, Tyler Boley, Kate DeVeaux, Colleen Meacham, Stephen Rosen, Darryl Schmidt, and Kay Walsh.

Harry Ableman, Endurance, 2012. Photograph, 25 x 53 inches. Image courtesy of the artist.

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Boyd Sugiki and Lisa Zerkowitz footed platters. Blown glass. Mike Seidl photo.