Exhibitions: October 2013

Scott Allen

TScott Allen, Cormac's Declivityhe carved and rolling landscapes of Scott Allen’s native Eastern Washington stomping grounds made an indelible mark on the artist and architect, what he terms a “deeply-branded visual memory” that permeates his landscape paintings. His colors, textures, and structures, which emerge from both memory and imagination, could easily find a home in our dreams.

Scott Allen, Cormac’s Declivity, 2013. Oil on panel, 32 x 48 inches. Image courtesy of the artist.

Intimate Construction: Furniture from the Northwest

Robert Spangler Music StandA talented roster of Northwest furniture makers, curated by islander Aaron Levine, uses both traditional and unexpected materials to translate modern utilitarian needs into objects of uncommon beauty. Aaron says hand-crafted furniture is about to have its day in the Northwest, and based on this stunning exhibition, we believe him.

Curtis Erpelding, David Gray, Hank Holzer, Aaron Levine, Brett MacLearnsberry, Hugh Montgomery, Seth Rolland, Jay T. Scott, Robert Spangler, and Stewart Wurtz.

Robert Spangler music stand, 2013. Oregon Walnut and Wenge. Image courtesy of the artist.

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Stewart Wurtz, Pajaro table (detail). Image courtesy of the artist.