Exhibitions: October 2009

In the Loop

Kate Dwyer, Circle Ensemble 1The endless perfection of the circle has a special allure. BAC’s October exhibition, In the Loop, features wheel rims, nests, compasses, and the dizzying swirls of nautilus shells and lollipops.

Sam Garriott Antonacci, Michael Babinski, Cameron Bahnson, Brian Berman, Marilyn Bergstrom, Linda Costello, Sue Cretarolo, Diana Cronin, Kate Dwyer, Penny Grist, Maria Groat, Denise Harris, Jonilou Holland, Delila Katzka, Anne Lewis, Susan Lowdermilk, Laurel Lukaszewski, Brian Mackin, Don MacLane, Christopher Mathie, Barry McAlister, Larry McCaffrey, Danis McDermott, Gerry Newcomb, Carol Roi Olsen, Joan Peter & Laurie Lewis, Karin Schminke, Cheryl Williams, and Cathy Woo.

Kate Dwyer, Circle Ensemble I, 2009. Oil enamel on glass, 14 x 14 inches. Myron Gauger photo.

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