Exhibitions: November 2013

Merrilee Moore, Splish SplashMerrilee Moore

Glass artist Merrilee Moore forms each of her pieces with a bold, impeccable flourish. Her shapes are confident, her variety of colors is endless, and every item energetically punctuates the space it occupies.

Merrilee Moore, Splish Splash garden stake, 2013. Hot-sculpted glass. Gallery photo.

Women in the Abstract

Form, shape, color, and texture can both challenge and mesmerize when freed from the anchor of representation. This powerhouse group of women artists invites us to revel in a profusion of abstraction.

Beth Moga, Bainbridge Series IICarole Barrer, Marilyn Bergstrom, Caroline Cooley Browne, Leah Clark, Marcella Diamond, Kate Dwyer, Jeannie Grisham, Victoria Harrison, Barbara Kowalski, Suzy Kueckelhan, Kari Bergstrom Mackenzie, Elizabeth Moga, Jeane Myers, M.J. Orcutt, Joan Stuart Ross, Lynda Rickey, Selene Santucci, Barbara Lee Smith, Sharon Strauss, Diane Walker, Helga Winter, Cathy Woo, and Barbara Zander.

Beth Moga, Bainbridge Series II, 2013. Image courtesy of the artist.

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Leah Clark, Blue Poppies, 2013 (detail). Mixed media collage on board, 8 x 10 inches. Chelsea Clark photo.