Exhibitions: November 2012

Karen Hackenberg

Karen Hackenberg, Trash DanceKaren Hackenberg focuses on “the dislocated, discarded, mass-produced objects found littering the edges, cracks, and seams of our natural world.”

Karen Hackenberg, Trash Dance, 2010. Gouache on paper. Image courtesy of the artist.

Lost and Found: Assemblage

Linda Jarvis, A Brush with FateSometime around 1912, Pablo Picasso combined painting, collage, oil cloth, rope, and voila! Contemporary assemblage was invented. A hundred years later, artists continue to discover forgotten bits of daily life and to transform them. BAC alchemists will exhibit clocks, jewelry, and sculpture.

Linda Costello, Bil Fleming, Chris Giffin, Nancy Hewett, Ron Ho, Linda Jarvis, Michole Madden, Shane Miller, Mark Osborn, and Deborah Peek.

Linda Jarvis, A Brush with Fate, 2012. Mixed media. Image courtesy of the artist.

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