Exhibitions: November 2010


IJulie Hews-Everett, Diamonds - My Best Friendss the human brain powerfully and fundamentally attracted to patterns? We can report that some of those have those kinds of brains, including our November artists. They all play with patterns – some fast, some loose – in glass, fiber, wood, ceramics, paper, and paint.

Amy Williams D’Apice, Nick Ashman, Caroline Cooley Browne, Jeannie Grisham, Julie Hews-Everett, Mark Horiuchi, Aaron Levine, Dorothy McGuinness, Annie Lewis, Gerry Newcomb, Carol Roi Olsen, Dennis Rogers, Seth Rolland, Lynnette Sandbloom, Selene Santucci, Devin Sjodin, Diane Walker, Cathy Woo, and Irene Yesley.

Julie Hews-Everett, Diamonds, My Best Friends, 2010 (detail). Fused glass. Gallery photo.

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