Exhibitions: May 2010

The Woods

Seth Rolland, Sun and Leaf Room DividerRemember being in the woods alone? The earthy aroma, the dappled light? You’re aware of every sound. This month BAC artists visit the memory and mystery of the woods.

Roger Dunn, Gretchen Hancock, Denise Harris, Bob Hickernell, Brian Kemkes, Lowell Martin, Mary McInnis, Elizabeth Moga, Seth Rolland, Karin Schminke, and Dave Schweitzer.

Seth Rolland, Sun and Leaf room divider screen. Sustainably harvested red oak, walnut, salvaged mahogany, resin panel with real leaves embedded. 47 x 16 x 85 inches. Frank Ross photo.

May School Shows: Elementary and High School

Every year people go through our May School Shows and say, “Kids did this?” Yes, indeed! As a nonprofit organization, BAC wholeheartedly supports art education and proudly displays the workd of local students while cheering the work of their superb instructors.

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