Exhibitions: May 2008

Marilyn Bergstrom, UnstructuredMarilyn Bergstrom

Bold abstract painting on paper.

Marilyn Bergstrom, Unstructured, 2008. Mixed media. Franklin MacKenzie photo.


Donna Sakamoto Crispin, Dorothy M. McGuinness, Bill Roeder, Janet Ronacher, Sue Skelly, Melinda Joy West, and guest curator Judith Zugish.

Dorothy M. McGuinness, Silver ShoalsDorothy M. McGuinness, Silver Shoals, 2007. Watercolor paper, acrylic paint, and waxed linen. Ken Rowe photo.

Elementary School Art Show High School Spring Arts Festival Award Winners

Thanks to Ihland Garden Dental Care and Windermere Bainbridge for supporting these shows!

Bank Ketsa-Ard, first graderBank Ketsa-Ard, first grade student. Image courtesy of the artist.

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