Exhibitions: March 2015

Duane Pasco & Friends: Respecting Traditions

Duane Pasco Becoming Hawk Low ResExperience the breadth, beauty, and technical expertise that characterize contemporary Northwest Coast Native art as we bring you Duane Pasco & Friends: Respecting Traditions.

Duane is nationally known for his carving and for teaching traditional styles and techniques to other artists in our region. Over his 50-year career, he has been a major force in resurrecting a form of Native American art that by the early 20th century had all but died out. This exciting exhibition will feature recent work including masks, panels, house poles, and bent corner boxes.

Duane will be joined by David FranklinMarvin Oliver, Brian PerryRandi Purser, and Loren White, all his friends and all highly regarded contributors to the contemporary Northwest Coast Native art movement.

You’re invited: This month we’ll feature three free education events with Duane Pasco! Get details.

PME Banner - Proudly Sponsored ByWe are grateful to Port Madison Enterprises for its generous sponsorship of Duane Pasco & Friends.

Duane Pasco, Becoming Hawk. Red cedar, shredded cedar bark, opercula of red turban snail, and acrylic. Image courtesy of the artist.

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Duane Pasco, Eagle Headdress (detail). Alder, horse hair, deer hide, abalone shell. Image courtesy of the artist.