Exhibitions: June 2011


Denise Harris, Hang-Ups from ChildhoodWe asked our artists to think about jukeboxes, Johnny Carson, Moon River, Breck shampoo, Mad Magazine, and the Seattle World’s Fair. They boldly traveled back in time and returned with paintings, prints, photographs, and assemblages.

Amy Williams D’Apice, Morgan Brig, Ken Brookner, Linda Costello, Raymond Gendreau, Gary Hamburgh, Denise Harris, Chris Lehwalder, Deborah Peek, and Stephen Rock.

Denise Harris, Hang-Ups from Childhood, 2011. Mixed media assemblage. Steve Stolee photo.

Sally Robison

Sally uses new technology to paint memories of the past and dreams of the future.

Anna von Rosenstiel

Portraits in ceramic created from family stories, family rumors, and the artist’s powers of invention.

Henry Dietrich, #131The Henry Dietrich Gallery Opens!

BAC’s temporary Henry Dietrich Gallery, 150 Winslow Way East, officially opens on Friday, June 3, 6-8 p.m. Please come see our splendid experiment, funded by a generous patron. All proceeds go to BAC’s education programs.

Henry Dietrich, #131. Gallery photo.

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