Exhibitions: June 2009

The Unexpected Dog

Sue Cretarolo, FetchNo animal should ever jump up on the dining room furniture unless absolutely certain that he can hold his own in the conversation. – Fran Liebowitz

At BAC in June, dogs will speak for themselves in a dialogue carried on in a variety of mediums including wire, clay, paper, photographs, collage, oils, and computers. We promise a funny, poetic, mysterious exchange among our canine guests in the gallery.

Ken Brookner, Lynne Brunelle, Diana Cronin, Sue Cretarolo, Cynthia Dice, Karin Gambill, PC Harper, Dixie Jewett, M.J. Linford, Elizabeth Moga, Alisa K. Moore, Joe and Elida O’Brien, Richard Nelson, Ann Reynolds Pearl, Sally Robison, Anna VonRosenstiel, Diane Walker, and Priscilla Zimmerman.  

Sue Cretarolo, Fetch, 2009. Metal sculpture using brass and copper strips and foil with various patinas; 25 x 32 x 8 inches. Jon Cretarolo photo.

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