Exhibitions: July 2010

Mary McInnis, Up Mary McInnis, Up And Mary McInnis, Away

Lawn Chairs & Garden Benches

BAC artists grab summer and hold it tight.

Ken Brookner, Megan Drew, Garth Edwards, Raymond Gendreau, Birgit Josenhans, Kari Bergstrom MacKenzie, Gennielynn Martin, Mary McInnis, Elizabeth Moga, Pierr Morgan, Stephen Rock, Kristin Tollefson, Diane Walker, and Jerome Zygar.

Mary McInnis, Up; Up And; Away, 2010. Acrylic on canvas, each 10 x 10 inches. Images courtesy of the artist.

Messages from the Land: Art on the Trail

Ellen Wixted, Art on the TrailBAC and Bainbridge Island Land Trust present a remarkable program! Kitsap County artists will work in Blakely Harbor Park, offering an afternoon of demonstrations, workshops, and conversations. Art on the Trail is generously supported by the Fletcher Bay Foundation.

David Franklin, Gregory Glynn, Diana Liljelund, Kathleen McKeehen, Elizabeth Moga, Sue Skelly, Kristin Tollefson, Kay Walsh, Melinda West, and Ellen Wixted.

Ellen Wixted makes prints on the trail. Gallery photo.

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