Exhibitions: January 2011

The Moon

Sally Robison, Salmon DreamsThe moon has inspired artists, writers, and musicians for thousands of years. In sculpture, artist books, prints, photographs, and paintings, BAC artists have their own vision of the changeable beauty and mystery of the moon.

Sam Garriott Antonacci, Cameron Bahnson, Carole Barrer, Morgan Brig, Brian Fisher, Margery Hellmann, Brian Kemkes, MJ Linford, Susan Lowdermilk, Linnea Lundmark, Catherine Michaelis, Shane Miller, Michiko Olson, Deborah Peek, Sally Robison, Joel Sackett, Karin Schminke, Julie Simpson, Donna Snow, and Jessica Spring.

Sally Robison, Salmon Dreams, 2010. Digital print. Image courtesy of the artist.

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