Exhibitions: January 2009

The Night Sky

Gennielynn Martin, Night WriterThe long nights of winter transform the city; reveal mysterious patterns in the skies; and inspire us to imagine new worlds. Or maybe we finally catch up on our astrophysics studies. In BAC’s January exhibition, artists find their inspiration and images in The Night Sky. We’ll have painting, photography, collage, sculpture, and artists’ books.

Sam Garriott Antonacci, Jeff Brice, Linda Costello, Diane Culhane, Raymond Gendreau, Max Grover, Jonathan Hallet, Tracy Lang, M.J. Linford, Gennielynn Martin, Christopher Mathie, Deborah Peek, Jill Timm, and David Warman.

Gennielynn Martin, Night Writer, 2008. Mixed media. Image courtesy of the artist.

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