Exhibitions: February 2009

The Cubist Quilt

Carol Roi Olsen quiltWhen you think of it, Cubist paintings already look a little like quilts. Bainbridge Artists Maria Groat and Carol Roi Olsen go all the way and make actual Cubist quilts. Their new work combines great design, superb craftsmanship, and art history smarts.

Carol Roi Olsen, Untitled, 2008. Quilt. Image courtesy of the artist.

Platters: Serving up Cubism

Anna von Rosenstiel, Man of the TownPass the Cubism, please, in ceramic or glass. Diana Cronin, Mark Horiuchi, Dennis Rogers, Julie Hews-Everett, and Anna von Rosenstiel.

Anna von Rosenstiel, Man of the Town, 2008. Ceramic. David Lizaola photo.

Mixed Nuts

Local kids become professional artists in the month of February. The work of tomorrow is at BAC today!

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