Exhibitions: February 2008

Mixed Nuts

Chelsea Sandbloom, Winter CoatThis month we present new work by student artists grades K-12. This is your chance to purchase work by the artists of the future! Every penny of BAC’s proceeds goes back to the public schools in the form of grants to supplement art budgets. Mixed Nuts is sponsored by a generous grant from the Bainbridge Community Foundation.

Chelsea Sandbloom, Winter Coat, 2007. Digital photograph. Image courtesy of the artist.

Works in Progress

Jeannie Grisham at workWe feature five artists who have each committed to working at least ten hours each week in the gallery. Please stop in often to chat with them, ask questions, and see what they do next! Featuring Jeannie Grisham (mixed water-based media), Elizabeth Moga (oil, acrylic, or watercolor), Amy Williams (oil), Joe O’Brien (ceramics),  and Jason Devinney (weaving).

Jeannie Grisham at work. Gallery photo.

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