Exhibitions: December 2008

Function and Form: Art that Works

Caroline Cooley Browne, UntitledIn 2008 you saw splendid exhibitions in artists’ books, jewelry, paintings, sculpture, ceramics, kites, digital art, tables, photography, and weaving.

Contemporary art, craft, and design come together beautifully in this exhibition of our birthday year. Function and Form: Art that Works underscores our history and mission. We’ll show wood, ceramics, textiles, glass, baskets, and rugs as well as unique artist-made mirrors.

Nick Ashman, Caroline Cooley Browne, Deborah Collins, Diana Cronin, Garth Edwards, John Ellefson, Bill Fleming, Julie Hews-Everett, Ernie Hilsenberg, Mark Horiuchi, Linda Jarvis, Lowell Martin, Steve Maslach, Dorothy McGuinness, Julie Milazzo, Kimberly Morris, Shane Miller, Merrilee Moore, Joe and Elida O’Brien, Reid Ozaki, Ann Reynolds-Pearl, Dennis Rogers, Seth Rolland, Dave Schweitzer, Morgan Seeley, Terry Siebert, Devin Sjodin, Rick Stafford, Melinda West, and Barbara Zander.

Caroline Cooley Browne, Untitled, 2008 (detail). Linen, nylon, cotton. Art Grice photo.

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