Exhibitions: August 2013

Julie Paschkis, And This I Offer to You

The Big Bad Bug Show

Spray on as much repellant as you want, but you won’t escape this summer without a bug encounter. They’ll arrive at BAC in the form of paintings, prints, collage, photographs, fabric, glass, and lots and lots of books. You can even take home a critter of your own.

Sam Garriott Antonacci, Lynn Brunelle, Michael Felber, Denise Harris, Sandy Hurd, Linda Jarvis, Susan Lowdermilk, Kathleen McKeehen, Catherine Alice Michaelis, Shane Miller, Michiko Olson, Julie Paschkis, Deborah Peek, Sally Robison, Anna von Rosenstiel, Lynnette Sandbloom, Chele Shepard, Cameron Snow, Kathleen Snow, Jessica Spring, Leah Tarleton, Carolyn Terry, Jennifer Umphress, Shu-Ju Wang, and Susan Wiersema.

Julie Paschkis, And This I Offer to You, 2012. Ink and gouache on paper. Image courtesy of the artist.

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Susan Lowdermilk, Infestation, 2013 (detail). Watercolor, gouache, colored pencil on dictionary page. Image courtesy of the artist.