Exhibitions: August 2012

Seth Rolland

Seth Rolland, Clearwater Coffee TableA furniture maker for more than 20 years, Seth begins by thinking about his materials, then find unexpected ways to use them. He shapes, laminates, steams, and bends wood to reflect both the subtle and dramatic curves found in nature. He uses stone to balance cantilevers and anchor structures. His inventive design and superb craftsmanship produce furniture that is both elegant and animated.

Seth Rolland, Clearwater coffee table, 2012. Black Walnut and Glass. Myron Gauger photo.

Streaming: Textile Artists Think About Water

Deborah Babin, Nautilus 2Stitching, weaving, or quilting, fiber artists sail with the flow of their threads. Deborah Babin, Linda McFarland, Kimberly Morris, Pamela Mostek, Carol Roi Olsen, Lynnette Sandbloom, and Dana Ziesemer.

Deborah Babin, Nautilus 2. Textile. Image courtesy of the artist.

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