Exhibitions: April 2014

Johnpaul Jones, RavenThe Nature of Johnpaul Jones

A remarkable exhibition of never-before-seen drawings by designer, architect, and Island Treasure Johnpaul Jones.

This exhibition is generously sponsored by HomeStreet Bank.

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Johnpaul Jones, Raven, 2013. Ink, pencil, and chalk on paper. Gallery photo.

Amy D'Apice, Side Street

Outside the Line
Drawings by Amy D’Apice, Paula Ensign, Jeannie Grisham, Bill Hemp, Claudia McKinstry, Lynnette Sandbloom, David Sessions, Elizabeth Smith, Fred Truitt, and Susan Wiersema.

Amy D’Apice, Side Street, 2014. Mixed media on paper, 7 x 5 inches. Image courtesy of the artist.

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Paula Ensign, Orcas Memory, 2014 (detail). Ink and watercolor on paper. Image courtesy of the artist.