Exhibitions: April 2009


Jessica Spring, Four ElementsIt’s all about the press. Mary Balcomb, Steve Kennel, Brian Fisher, Pam Galvani, Sam Hamrick, Tracy Lang, Linnea Lundmark, Wes McClain, Richard Nelson, Elizabeth Smith, Jessica Spring, Alex Witt, and Ellen Wixted.

Jessica Spring, Four Elements, 2005. Mixed media wit letterpress. Richard Nichols photo.


Penny Grist, Hot HouseWelcome to new BAC artists Michael Baldwin, Dick Carlson, Michael Frey, Penny Grist, Bob Hinkernell, Jonilou Holland, Carolynn Lancaster, Larry McCaffrey, Heather McGilvray, Alisa Moore, and Cathy Woo.

Penny Grist, Hot House, 2008. Acrylic on wood, thermometer dial, complementary Tabasco bottles, clay tomatoes, wire fencing, collage, found objects. Larry Muir photo.

The White Show

BAC artists provide white paintings to amplify the theme of the provocative play, Art, in production at Bainbridge Performing Arts. Visit the BPA lobby to see work by Marilyn Bergstrom, Jeannie Grisham, Victoria Harrison, Gretchen Hancock, Suzy Kueckelhan, Christopher Mathie, Kari Bergstrom MacKenzie, Elizabeth Moga, and Barbara Wilson.

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