Exhibitions: April 2008

Mary Lee Hu, Choker #70Twenty-First Century Jewelry

Mary Lee Hu, BAC’s guest curator for Twenty-First Century Jewelry, has brought together brilliant contemporary art jewelry by former students, all distinguished by “good design, good craftsmanship, and individuality of style.”

Mary Lee Hu, Choker #70, 1985. 18 & 22 K Gold. Richard Nicol photo.

Mary Randlett, Deception Pass 3, July 2002Mary Randlett

Black-and-white photographs of the light, water, and form of the Washington landscape.

Mary Randlett, Deception Pass 3, July 2002. Photograph. Image courtesy of the artist.

Mark Horiuchi

Mark Horiuchi plateOn both clay and canvas, Mark Horiuchi applies bold, active color and exuberant brushwork. The result is a dynamic surface, a sense of deep space, and upbeat energy.

Mark Horiuchi ceramic plate. Image courtesy of the artist.

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