Exhibitions: April 2010

The Illusion of Depth

Kay Walsh, Shi Shi BeachYour brain knows that the canvas is flat, but your imagination whispers that you’re looking deep into the distance. It takes knowledge, skill, art, and magic to make this happen, as our artists demonstrate in our April exhibition.

Scott Allen, Carole Barrer, Megan Drew, Gretchen Hancock, Mary McInnis, Colleen Meacham, Julie Scandora, Hugo Shi, Kay Walsh, Barbara Wilson, and Ellen Wixted.

Kay Walsh, Shi Shi Beach, 2010. Photograph. Image courtesy of the artist.

Paper Sculpture

In the hands of these artists, the flat surface of paper leaps into the third dimension.

Linda Costello, M.J. Linford, Catherine Michaelis, Michiko Olson, and Jessica Spring.

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