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November 3-26
Nancy Reithaar: New Work, Helga Winter: Bowls, BARN@BAC: Prints + Glass

Nancy Reithaar: New Work

A lifelong explorer of the beaches of the Puget Sound and the Washington coast, the Seattle printmaker depicts shorebirds and other wildlife in mixed media of vivid colors and textures.

Nancy Reithaar, Great Blue Heron No. 7. Monotype and Collage.
Image courtesy of Art & Soul.

Helga Winter: Bowls

This Port Townsend wood turner favors unseasoned Pacific Madrone, using the instability of the wood to her advantage as she lays free what is hidden inside. The show will feature freestanding bowls.

Helga Winter, Ten More Than Twenty. Turned and painted wood.
Image courtesy of James Klose.

BARN@BAC: Prints + Glass

Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN) presents work in the mediums of Glass and Printmaking for the 2017 juried BARN@ BAC exhibition. All the work shown is made by BARN members in the BARN studios. Presented annually, BARN@BAC features work from different studios each year, allowing members working in all eleven BARN studios to show their work at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts.

Featured Glass Arts Studio Artists: Kay Abresch, Diane Bonciolini, Constance Ducar, Gregory Mesmer, Teri Seidler, Janetmarie Valiga

Featured Printmaking Studio Artists: Helena Bierly, Virginia Davison, John K. Ellis, Kathryn Lesh, Martha Makosky, Shelley Minor, Leonardo Rodriguez, Marjorie J. Rubin, Shakti Sutriasa, Pamela Wachtler-Fermanis

Marjorie J. Rubin, Untitled. Monotype and mixed media. Image courtesy of BARN.









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Nancy Reithaar, Koi Pond No. 1 (detail). Monotype and collage. Image courtesy of Art & Soul.