Each year BAC awards three scholarships to graduating high school seniors who plan to continue their study of art. Submissions are judged by volunteer professional artists who are represented by Bainbridge Arts & Crafts. Their decisions are made on the basis of mastery of medium, creativity, presentation, and essay. Please read more about each scholarship and our generous donors below.

This year we had 12 applicants, and we were incredibly impressed at the quality of the artwork presented. Many thanks go to our judges Elizabeth VanDuine and Carolyn Terry – this was not an easy task!

2017 Scholarships – and the winners are:

Pauli Family Scholarship, $2000: Matthew Derry
Judges comments: …I stopped by your table many times to look at your work because it truly is brilliant. You have mastered some techniques that many adults will never come close to mastering.

You’ve developed great skill with paint, pencil, charcoal and the etched (or scratched) plate, and you are equally skilled in the almost photographic realism of your human and animal subject matter. You’ve gone beyond manipulation of materials to manipulation of content, and again with great skill.

Rosalyn Gale Powell Scholarship, $1000: Maya Nathan
Judges comments: Though the cartoon prints and the books are two different genres, your mastery of materials (watercolor and printmaking), your control of line, and your judicious use of space serve you well in both of those areas.

You are so versatile with your talents…my favorite was your book, “In the Land of Bubbly Water”! You are clearly intelligent and witty – it shows both in your lovely illustrations and prose.

Pauli and George Dennis Scholarship, $1000: Lily Forsher
Judges comments: …I am especially drawn to the faces because they are amazingly expressive…I have no doubt you have a bright future in illustration or digital art and media.

I was particularly drawn to your sketchbook, where every page is not just a cartoon but a portrait… with personality, attitude, and a place in its world. I hope you’ll keep creating your “people”!



Scholarship overview

Pauli Family Scholarship

Longtime Bainbridge Islanders Jani and Bill Pauli are passionate supporters of education and the arts. Their own children attended school on the island, and they strongly believe in the power of art to enrich and improve young lives. In this spirit, they established the Pauli Family Scholarship in 2007. This $2,000 scholarship is given each year to a student who demonstrates excellence in one or more mediums.

Past recipients are Andaluccia Curtis (2016), Soren Ferguson (2015), Anna Teiche (2014), Nora Lang (2013,) Kai F. Delphinidae (2012), Katarina Krueger (2011), Wesley R. McClain (2010), Richard Murphy (2009), and Karina Trygg (2008).

Pauli & George Dennis Scholarship

In 2015, Bainbridge Arts & Crafts had the great honor of presenting work by the late George W. Dennis, whose wife, Pauli Dennis, was one of the founding members of BAC. Thanks to the generosity of the Dennis family, BAC used proceeds from the sales of George’s work to establish the Pauli and George Dennis scholarship fund. This $1,000 scholarship is given to a student who demonstrates excellence in one or more mediums.

Past recipients are Anneke Karreman (2016)

Rosalyn Gale Powell Scholarship

In 1971, well-known artist and longtime Bainbridge Arts & Crafts supporter Rosalyn Gale Powell established a college scholarship fund to give young artists a leg up in their art studies. She maintained the fund for many years by donating a portion of the proceeds from sales of her work.

Bainbridge Arts & Crafts is honored to maintain Rosalyn’s legacy through the continuation of her scholarship, awarded each year in the amount of $1,000 to a student who demonstrates excellence in one artistic medium.

Past recipients are Eliza Townsend (2016), Maddie Rogers (2015), Celia Chaussabel (2014), Rebecca Kane Skotheim (2013), Karya Schanilec (2012), Katie Kuffel (2011), Julia Chamberlain (2010), Claire Allen (2009), and Carson Massie (2008).

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