Art in the Lobby

Paula Ensign, Art in the Lobby

Artist Paula Ensign demonstrates her pen and ink technique at Harrison Medical Center Bremerton.

Hospitals seem to be full of two kinds of people – the ones who are rushing and the ones who are waiting. Since 2007, BAC has sent artists to Harrison Medical Center Bremerton to demonstrate and lead art activities, attracting both kinds of people.

The busy ones take a moment to look and breathe; the waiting ones take a moment to get involved.

Artists report that hospital visitors – often anxious and concerned for their loved ones – can get lost in an art activity, making the waiting easier. They also say that staff get a morale boost by seeing something fun and different happening in the lobby each week, whether it’s painting, metal weaving, collage, printmaking, jewelry making, quilting, or botanical illustration – just to name a few!

Jeannie Grisham, Art in the Lobby

Art in the Lobby teaching artist Jeannie Grisham with a wishing tree created by patients, staff, and family, summer 2015

Art in the Lobby is good for the artists, too. They’re delighted to be able to teach people about their art, but they also take home huge rewards. Art in the Lobby teaching artist Jeannie Grisham says, “I always come back inspired by the wonderful people I meet there and how appreciative they seem to be to get some distraction from whatever is going on in their lives and what they are WAITING for at the hospital.  I even got some of them to put away their laptop computers to DO ART with me.”

Last year, Art in the Lobby engaged 225 Harrison Medical Center visitors and staff members; since its inception, it has reached more than 3,000!

To learn more about this program, email Programming and Outreach Director, Georgia Browne,

Thank you, CHI Franciscan!

Art in the Lobby is made possible in part by the generous support of CHI Franciscan Health. Thank you!

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