One Call for All supports Bainbridge nonprofits through annual campaign

October on Bainbridge Island means it’s prime time for pumpkin picking and wine tasting, but it also means the distinctive red envelopes of One Call for All are on their way to mailboxes all over the island, giving residents the opportunity to support all their favorite nonprofits in one fell swoop during this venerable island-wide annual campaign.  Says One Call’s Executive Director, Tracy Peacoe Denlinger, “I’m grateful to work for this organization that has become such a cornerstone of our community. It’s universally well-regarded as an invaluable resource in supporting nonprofits like Bainbridge Arts & Crafts.”

BAC’s Savannah Newton was one of dozens of volunteers stuffing 13,000 red envelopes for One Call for All last Friday. Photo: Douglas Crist.

BAC is proud to count itself among those organizations benefiting from One Call contributions since the earliest years. As a nonprofit gallery focused on providing free art programming and outreach to the community, we depend on the support of donors year round, but the One Call for All campaign is unique in its impact. We receive 100% of every dollar you contribute to us through the campaign—even the cost of credit card transactions is covered by One Call. In addition, each donation of $20 or more earns us a “share” of the Community Fund, so you can maximize your gift!

Supporting BAC and other Bainbridge Island nonprofits through One Call for All helps maintain a strong foundation for a healthy, vibrant community. We’re grateful for your support and invite you to donate here.

Catch “A Place at the Table” Before the Feast is Over

Artist Reid Ozaki explains his process to curious gallery guests.

It’s mid-September—have you found your Place at the Table? It’s at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts, and it’s the name of our current show featuring six ceramic artists.

Based on an artist’s inherent style, we invited each of them to create a collection of functional ceramics in a specific theme, such as al fresco dining, tea for two or a paella fiesta. Come see these artful tables before the show closes on October 1, and be inspired by visions of gastronomic celebrations. Featured artists are:

  • Pat Espey – Al Fresco Fun, terra cotta.
  • Nana Kuo – Thanksgiving Gathering, porcelain.
  • Reid Ozaki – Sushi, stoneware.
  • Carianna Schreitz – Tea Party, porcelain.
  • Terry Siebert – Paella Fiesta, majolica.
  • Cameron Snow – Tea Party, painted porcelain.

Artist Cameron Snow presents her finely detailed botanical painting on Limoges porcelain. Behind her is a Claudia McKinstry watercolor.

Pat Espey’s terra cotta pieces are ready for an al fresco afternoon.

In the spirit of festive abundance, we are donating ALL cash contributions to our donation box this month to Helpline House on Bainbridge Island, an invaluable resource for our neighbors in need. We invite you to donate generously to support their work serving our community, which includes a food bank, counseling program and social work/advocacy. Please stop by and stuff those dollars into our box—it feels good!


Give a donation to Helpline House, get a yummy recipe or two!

As a thank you for your donation, you can help yourself to a copy of one of our personal “Favorite Recipes.” You’ll find sweets, treats, entrees, sides, salads and more…all from the kitchens of our very own BAC staff. Bon appétit!


Paint Out Winslow 2017 an Artful Success!

The artists of Paint Out Winslow 2017!

It was a typical gorgeous Northwest summer weekend on August 19th and 20th, which proved the perfect climate for our fourth annual plein air painting event, Paint Out Winslow. After three years of the popular event being bound within the confines of downtown Winslow, we opened up the territory to allow artists to roam all over Bainbridge Island, and roam they did. Also new this year was the addition of an amateur category, encouraging anyone inspired to pick up a brush or a pencil to do so—whether they were first-timers or plein air pros.

Overall, about 35 artists participated in the free event, including several budding young artists who painted alongside a parent or two, proving that creating art can be a delightful family affair. Artists employed a diverse range of styles and mediums to depict some of the most iconic locations on the island—as well as some lesser known locales that got their moment in the sun (yes, literally and figuratively).

(Post continues below photo gallery. Click to enlarge images.)

Gallery photos.

By late Sunday morning 23 pieces were turned in for evaluation and judging for awards. Overall, seven prizes in amateur and professional categories were awarded during a free public reception at Winslow Art Center that afternoon. Artists swapped tips, techniques and location secrets with each other, while admirers who came to see the fruits of their labors enjoyed viewing the works. Finished pieces were on public display at the Center through August.

Taking home prizes of cash and art supplies, hearty congratulations go to these winners:

Amateur Category

  • First Prize- Erin Parker (watercolor and pencil)
  • Second Prize- Shawn Behling (wood, house paint and acrylic)
  • Third Prize- Susan Jackson (Pen, ink and watercolor)

Professional Category

  • First Prize- Bill Hemp (mixed media)
  • Second Prize- Millard Davidson (oil)
  • Third Prize- Nicholas Ogilvie (watercolor)

Innovation Award: Nicole Gelinas (acrylic)

And kudos to all the Paint Out Winslow artists! You all made the event a success, and showed that art is for everyone—in the making and the sharing. See you next year!

August Exhibitions Feature Journeys of Imagination

Sydni Sterling, Passing Cloud. Acrylic on Canvas.

Long summer days are winding down, perhaps making you wistful for travels taken, or simply imagined. Come into our gallery this month and enjoy two separate shows sure to feed your wandering spirit: Voyages and Celestial Navigations.

Voyages—a solo exhibition of new works by renowned painter Sydni Sterling—represents two distinct points of view: one, from the perspective of actual travels taken by the artist; the other, evocative of voyages yet to take place, as in her vibrant rowboat paintings that are both contemplative and energetic with movement.

Artist Sydni Sterling

Describing a longstanding fascination with water as a subject, Sydni says, “to paint water invites a paradox: a moment is stilled, yet the moment moves.” She continues, “Painting rowboats afloat upon the water invites another paradox. Our eyes often take them for granted, but beyond their shapes and textures, their state of repair or disrepair, another, mysterious dimension is present: The presence of their owner’s absence, and the implicit, human stories left to our imagination.”

Some of the works in Sydni’s show are set in Italy, based on travels throughout the country with her husband, writer and poet Mike Dillon, whose writing accompanies the art. At times Sydni’s art inspired Mike’s writing, at other times his words inspired her art. The collaboration evolved over six years of travel and creative expression, culminating with Italian Panels, a hand-sewn limited edition book accompanying the exhibition. Sydni states that the book “captures those moments — vivid, frequently intense — where time past and time present cross paths, as often happens in that beautiful country.”


Donna Snow, Northwest Navigation &Training School. Mixed Media.

From Sydni’s earthbound travels we move our figurative gaze skyward to our group show, Celestial Navigations, in which a stellar group of collage, sculpture and book artists were invited to let the cosmos be their guide in whatever form that took. The result is a rich collection of 2D and 3D works from seven artists: Sam Garriott Antonacci, Susan Lowdermilk, Catherine Alice Michaelis, Shane Miller, Carl Morgan, Gregg Onewein, and Donna Snow.

Many of the works are accompanied by stories or poems written by the artists, or are inspired by ancient folklore. Some take us on an imagined journey to the heavens, while others focus on the universe of wonder that is right here on Earth.

Voyages and Celestial Navigations will close on August 27. Don’t miss a chance to journey here with time to wander, ponder, and allow summer to linger just a bit longer.

Photos courtesy of the artists.

Paint Out Winslow Goes Island-wide in Its Fourth Year

Just about anyone who lives here would agree that all the gray, dark gloom of winter is long forgotten once the beauty of a Northwest summer takes hold. The month of August, being the prime summertime month in the Puget Sound region, is also prime time for plein air painting. It’s no surprise that this region is rife with plein air events in the summer, including our very own Paint Out Winslow—taking place this year on August 19 and 20.

Since its inception in 2014, Paint Out Winslow has taken place only in Winslow, the island’s historic downtown district. With its eclectic storefronts, varied waterfront views, and steady stream of foot traffic, it has served as the perfect place to paint on a late summer weekend. Starting this year, however, we’re inviting artists of all levels to get a fresh perspective and paint anywhere on Bainbridge Island during the two-day event. Other changes afoot this year include free participation for all painters, as well as a new amateur category. There will be prizes awarded in cash and art supplies in both the professional and amateur categories during a public celebration on Sunday afternoon.

Winners from Paint Out Winslow 2016.

Former BAC Director of Education Lynnette Sandbloom led the creation of the event three years ago. She envisioned “an energetic and communal painting opportunity for area artists while also bringing them into the public eye.” Making the event more accessible to all with free entry creates even more opportunity, and is in alignment with our mission of encouraging the appreciation and creation of fine contemporary art in our community.

“We are thrilled to continue this community event, and this year it is better than ever!” says Programming and Outreach Director, Georgia Browne. “Since now it is completely free to participate, island-wide, and has both amateur and professional categories offered, there is no excuse not to join in the fun! Bainbridge Arts & Crafts is proud to nourish and support the artist in each and every one of us.” After a day and a half of painting time, a juried evaluation will take place at Winslow Art Center in the Winslow Mall on Sunday afternoon with awards and a wine and cheese reception. The public is invited to join the celebration and enjoy viewing the finished works, which will be on display at Winslow Art Center until August 31st.

For more information and to register online, visit To register in person, drop by the gallery or call 206.842.3132.

Paint Out Winslow is made possible by our generous sponsors: Artists’ Edge, The Ellis Family, M. Graham, and Winslow Art Center.

Gallery photos.

Tiffany Thiele Will Shed Light on Her Creative Process at Saturday Demo

Tiffany Thiele.

Our final Artist’s Insight session of July will feature fused glass artist Tiffany Thiele. The event will take place this Saturday, July 22, from 12:30-1:30 p.m. at BAC. Tiffany will  assemble a piece in progress and show others in various stages of completion as she shares the process of creating kiln-formed glass.

Tiffany’s beautiful glassworks provide the 3D aspect in our current show, Translucent. The exhibition includes artists John Adams and Mike Biskup, both watercolorists with unique approaches to the fluid medium.

Glass vase by Tiffany Thiele.

In Tiffany Thiele’s hands, glass is apparently a fluid medium as well.

Her delicate vases appear to defy gravity with strands of color stretching upward, and translucent plates and platters seem to float off the table when the sunlight shines through them.

Glass platter by Tiffany Thiele.

Learn how heat and gravity create the varying effects and forms of the final works in Tiffany’s demo on Saturday. No reservations are necessary and the event is free,  but we welcome your donation to further support our mission of providing free art education and outreach to the Kitsap region. We’re grateful to The Suquamish Foundation for their generous support of our Artist’s Insight Series.

Photos courtesy of the artist.

John Adams to Demonstrate Watercolor in Free Session Saturday

John Adams

In the second of three Artist’s Insight sessions this month, watercolorist John Adams will paint a Pacific Northwest inspired landscape while sharing specific color mixing techniques and an introduction to design principles and elements. The event will take place this Saturday, July 15, from 12:30-1:30 p.m. at BAC.

John is one of three featured artists in our current show, Translucent. The exhibition includes glass artist Tiffany Thiele and watercolorist Mike Biskup.

Says Adams, “This work represents my current interest in using watercolor lightly mixed, saving the white paper as part of the design and creating an area of interest or attraction in each work. I paint the things I am most attracted to—light falling on a variety of subjects from the mountains to the coast, along with florals, are favorite inspirations for my work.”

John Adams, The Mountain with Wildflowers. Watercolor.

Adams has taught watercolor classes in the Northwest for 30 years and presently teaches weekly classes through the Bainbridge Island Parks Dept. and Peninsula College in Port Townsend. He is a signature member of both the National and Northwest Watercolor Societies.

No reservations are needed for the watercolor demo and discussion—just drop in! The event is free, but we welcome your donation to further support our mission of providing free art education and outreach to the Kitsap region. We’re grateful to The Suquamish Foundation for their generous support of our Artist’s Insight Series.

Photos courtesy of the artist.

Two Artists Join the BAC Family

Brooke Borcherding, Under the Shelter of Fall. Acrylic on wood. Image courtesy of the artist.


Originally from Southern California, Brooke lives and works in Seattle, focusing on painting from life and transforming studies into larger studio pieces in a style she calls her “deconstructions.”  “I have always been inherently drawn to the things that surround me where I live,” says Brooke. “I took my easel outdoors for the first time in 2009, observing and learning from both nature and my plein air painting peers while earning a BFA from the University of Oregon in 2010.”

Largely self taught in landscape painting, the artist deviated from the academic and theoretical in order to express “what is real, what is everyday, and embrace the often overlooked beauty that is right in front of us. My goal is to create an engaging visual scene that dances between the real and the inevitable unreal of paint on a canvas.”

Patti Christie, The Reserve. Pastel on panel. Image courtesy of the artist.

Olympia, Washington native Patti Christie is a fine arts graduate of The Evergreen State College and has been involved in visual arts programs in the Seattle School District since 1997. Growing up as a child with regular visits to the Washington coast, the tones of the dunes, grasses, sky, and ocean heavily influences her work. The colors are soft with little evidence of defined lines, allowing the viewer a sense of belonging to a time of day and season. Her work has evolved from landscape to today’s latest pieces that are more abstract yet retain her core belief in visual beauty.

“The paintings are simply meant to evoke a moment of repose. My work is an interpretation of what I see and know. Mostly about shape and color they are without social commentary or hidden meaning, meant to put the viewer and painter at ease.”

We welcome Brooke and Patti to the fold, and invite you to experience their dynamic works in our gallery soon!

Three Artists Bring Translucence to BAC in July

As the bright sunshine and vibrant colors of summer finally take charge over what has been a doggedly gray year in the Northwest, our gallery, too, will be filled with luminous color and light during our July exhibition.

Translucent will showcase three artists: watercolorists John Adams and Mike Biskup, and glass artist Tiffany Thiele.

John Adams, Color Field. Watercolor.

Seattle area artist John Adams discovered an affinity for watercolor in 1975 in a freshman college course. He’s been painting in the medium ever since, and came full circle by 1996, when he started teaching watercolor courses himself.

John Adams.

Still painting and teaching regularly, as well as working as a graphic designer, John brings his unique vision of the natural environment to his works—both abstract and representational.

“This work represents my current interest in using watercolor lightly mixed, saving the white paper as part of the design and creating an area of interest or attraction in each work,” says John. “I paint the things I am most attracted to—light falling on a variety of subjects from the mountains to the coast, along with florals, are favorite inspirations for my work.”


Mike Biskup, Flying Home (detail). Watercolor.

Watercolorist Mike Biskup, a California native currently residing in Port Townsend, comes from a family rich in artists, poets, and dreamers. While earning his BFA at University of California, Santa Cruz, a “rich stream of zen inspiration” influenced the development of his unique expression of imaginary landscapes and abstractions, and has been an important element of his work throughout his career.

Mike Biskup.

The outward pandemonium of a Biskup painting belies the meditative process that the artist employs in creating each piece. “In my paintings, everything flows together. Colors, lines and shapes—people, places and things are woven into one harmonious, functional system,” Mike explains. “I want to subtly remind viewers that we humans, in all our diversity, are essentially interconnected, and with thoughtfulness, can function together harmoniously as well.”

Tiffany Thiele. Glass.

Bainbridge Island artist Tiffany Thiele brings three-dimensional translucence to our July show with the fluid movement of her fused glass works. Influenced by an awareness of how water, sky and glass share similar qualities, Tiffany will often represent those natural elements in her work abstractly with color palette and designs.

Tiffany Thiele.

The theme that threads itself through the work for this show is the “beauty of repetition.” Tiffany states, “Though repetition is hardly a glamorous word, it is through the benefits of repetition that skills are honed and designs are crafted. Whether it is a specific technique or as it relates to design elements, repetition brings unity and cohesiveness to the pieces.”

Translucent opens Friday, July 7, with a public opening reception from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The show runs through July 30. Each artist will also be featured during our Artist’s Insight Series, with individual demos and talks throughout July. Details for those sessions here.

Photos courtesy of the artists.


Yard Art Will Be Released to the Wild at Month’s End

There are two-foot long metal centipedes. There are riotously painted, life-sized cement penguins. There’s even a soaring, hammered metal “terrordactyl” named Princess with a Harley-Davidson motor for a heart. Currently held captive in our group Yard Art show, continuing through July 2, all that wildlife shares our gallery with birdbaths, birdfeeders, spheres, orbs, totems and a multitude of other fantastic sculptures.

Come see this eclectic collection of works before they are all released to the wild—that is, yards and gardens everywhere. There’s something here for the petite patio or the most lavish landscape. Let summertime begin!

Can’t make it to the show? Get an inside look at it here in our latest video!