August Exhibitions Feature Journeys of Imagination

Sydni Sterling, Passing Cloud. Acrylic on Canvas.

Long summer days are winding down, perhaps making you wistful for travels taken, or simply imagined. Come into our gallery this month and enjoy two separate shows sure to feed your wandering spirit: Voyages and Celestial Navigations.

Voyages—a solo exhibition of new works by renowned painter Sydni Sterling—represents two distinct points of view: one, from the perspective of actual travels taken by the artist; the other, evocative of voyages yet to take place, as in her vibrant rowboat paintings that are both contemplative and energetic with movement.

Artist Sydni Sterling

Describing a longstanding fascination with water as a subject, Sydni says, “to paint water invites a paradox: a moment is stilled, yet the moment moves.” She continues, “Painting rowboats afloat upon the water invites another paradox. Our eyes often take them for granted, but beyond their shapes and textures, their state of repair or disrepair, another, mysterious dimension is present: The presence of their owner’s absence, and the implicit, human stories left to our imagination.”

Some of the works in Sydni’s show are set in Italy, based on travels throughout the country with her husband, writer and poet Mike Dillon, whose writing accompanies the art. At times Sydni’s art inspired Mike’s writing, at other times his words inspired her art. The collaboration evolved over six years of travel and creative expression, culminating with Italian Panels, a hand-sewn limited edition book accompanying the exhibition. Sydni states that the book “captures those moments — vivid, frequently intense — where time past and time present cross paths, as often happens in that beautiful country.”


Donna Snow, Northwest Navigation &Training School. Mixed Media.

From Sydni’s earthbound travels we move our figurative gaze skyward to our group show, Celestial Navigations, in which a stellar group of collage, sculpture and book artists were invited to let the cosmos be their guide in whatever form that took. The result is a rich collection of 2D and 3D works from seven artists: Sam Garriott Antonacci, Susan Lowdermilk, Catherine Alice Michaelis, Shane Miller, Carl Morgan, Gregg Onewein, and Donna Snow.

Many of the works are accompanied by stories or poems written by the artists, or are inspired by ancient folklore. Some take us on an imagined journey to the heavens, while others focus on the universe of wonder that is right here on Earth.

Voyages and Celestial Navigations will close on August 27. Don’t miss a chance to journey here with time to wander, ponder, and allow summer to linger just a bit longer.

Photos courtesy of the artists.