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Denise Harris, Hang-ups from Childhood. Mixed media. Steve Stolee photo. Read all about us!

March 2017

BAC announces annual teacher grant recipients. Read about it in the Bainbridge Island Review.

October 2016

BAC was featured in the One Call for All supplement to the Bainbridge Review on October 28, 2016.

September 2016

Amy D’Apice: Kindred Spaces (Bainbridge Review, September 2016)

January 2016

BAC presents the work of Elizabeth Reed Smith (Bainbridge Review, January 22)

Best Bets – Letterpress demos in January (Bainbridge Review, January 14)

December 2015

Jeremy Loerch – The Brains Behind the Bike (Bainbridge Review, Dec 27)

November 2015

Northwest Fine Craft Exhibition (Bainbridge Review, Nov 2)

October 2015

Sally Robison presents retrospective at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts (Bainbridge Review, Kitsap Weekly, Oct 2)

July 2015

Amy D’Apice leads Sketching on Location (Bainbridge Review, July 8)

Artist Amy D’Apice leads fashion design class (Bainbridge Review, July 6)

June 2015

Rosalyn Gale Powell Scholarship continues (Bainbridge Review, June 7)

‘Our Town’ comes to BAC in June (Bainbridge Review, June 5)

May 2015

Lindsay Masters named new ED of Bainbridge Arts & Crafts (Inside Bainbridge, May 19)

Bainbridge Arts & Crafts names its new director (Kitsap Sun, May 19)

Bainbridge Arts & Crafts announces new executive director (Bainbridge Review, May 19)

BAC student scholarship winners announced (Bainbridge Review, May 16)

Weekend on the Rock, featuring Kamilla White demo (Inside Bainbridge, May 8)

Student show opens at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts (Bainbridge Review, May 7)

April 2015

Deadline nears for BAC scholarships (Bainbridge Review, April 15)

BAC turns the page with ‘Art of the Book’ (Bainbridge Review, April 3)

March 2015

Artist panel to take inward look (Bainbridge Review, March 30)

Wes McClain named winner of Amy Award (Bainbridge Review, March 9)

February 2015

New work from the old school: BAC to host first-ever Duane Pasco show (Bainbridge Review, March 6)

This Year’s Amy Goes to Wes (Inside Bainbridge, February 27)

Three new shows continue at BAC (Bainbridge Review, February 13)

BAC begins annual Art Book Drive (Bainbridge Review, February 12)

New show celebrates island’s art history (Bainbridge Review, February 6)

January 2015

Jewelry demo at BAC with Peggy Hunt (Bainbridge Review, December 31)

December 2014

Bainbridge Arts & Crafts Executive Director announces retirement (Bainbridge Review, December 7)

Gallery Talk at BAC features Helga Winter (Bainbridge Review, December 5)

‘Super Bowl’ and ‘Reflections’ come to BAC (Bainbridge Review, December 5)

November 2014

November sees three shows at BAC (Bainbridge Review, November 6)

October 2014

Final Weekend for ‘Off the Wall’ exhibition at BAC (Bainbridge Review, October 31)

Weekend on the Rock October 24-26 (Inside Bainbridge, October 24)

Erica Applewhite leads block prints workshop (Bainbridge Review, October 24)

Weekend on the Rock October 10-13 (Inside Bainbridge, October 10)

Lynnette Sandbloom leads art collage workshop at BAC (Bainbridge Review, October 7)

Weekend on the Rock October 3-5 (Inside Bainbridge, October 3)

September 2014

Weekend on the Rock: Harvest Fair, Crab Feed, and Eli West (Inside Bainbridge, September 26)

Bainbridge Arts & Crafts shows ceramics, pastels, and more (Bainbridge Review, September 5)

Paint Out Winslow draws a crowd, paints many scenes (Bainbridge Review, September 4)

August 2014

Weekend on the Rock August 22-24 (Inside Bainbridge, August 22)

Paint Out Winslow kicks off Saturday (Bainbridge Review, August 22)

BAC offers private tour of ‘Modernism in the Pacific Northwest’ (Bainbridge Review, August 12)

Michele Soderstrom leads painting workshop for youth (Bainbridge Review, August 6)

July 2014

Learn to paint with Amy D’Apice (Bainbridge Review, July 10)

June 2014

‘Blown Away, Cast Away’ and ‘Big Black & White’ open Friday at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts (Bainbridge Review, June 5)

May 2014

Bainbridge artist leads pet portrait workshop (Bainbridge Review, May 31)

Last event coming for ‘The Art of Collecting Art’ (Bainbridge Review, May 16)

Oils, Student Art Show kick off at BAC (Bainbridge Review, May 8)

Almost Perfect Sale kicks off this week (Bainbridge Review, May 2)

April 2014

The Wild Side of Johnpaul Jones (Bainbridge Review, April 17)

February 2014

BAC presents new exhibits, ‘Fiber Arts Now’ and ‘Bowled Over’ (Bainbridge Review, February 14)

Get a feel for textile arts at new BAC exhibit (Bainbridge Review, February 3)

January 2014

BAC presents ‘The Gentlemen of Northwest Art’ (Bainbridge Review, January 3)

December 2013

Letter to the editor: BAC board volunteers have served us well (Bainbridge Review, December 17)

‘Eat, Drink, & Be Merry’ continues at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts (Bainbridge Review, December 6)

Bainbridge artist named NICHE finalist (Bainbridge Review, December 2)

November 2013

Free artist demo at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts (Bainbridge Review, November 1)

Bainbridge Arts & Crafts hosts art class for pet portraits (Bainbridge Review, November 1)

‘Women in the Abstract’ opens at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts (Bainbridge Review, November 1)

October 2013

BAC hosts color mixing workshop (Bainbridge Review, October 4)

BAC show includes furniture, landscapes (Bainbridge Review, October 4)

September 2013

Signed. Sealed. Delivered. BAC celebrates 65 years with dual exhibitions this month (Bainbridge Review, September 13)

Artist leads drawing class at BAC on Saturday (Bainbridge Review, September 7)

Free artist demonstration at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts on Saturday (Bainbridge Review, September 7)

August 2013

Photographer leads hands-on workshop (Bainbridge Review, August 14)

‘The Burma Project’ comes to BIMA tonight (Bainbridge Review, August 8)

Artist leads horse-painting workshop (Bainbridge Review, August 4)

The Big Bad Bug Show opens at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts (Bainbridge Review, August 2)

July 2013

Pastel Artist Leads Two-Day Workshop (Bainbridge Review, July 10)

Sumi Artist Demonstrations Begin Today (Bainbridge Review, July 9)

Renowned Japanese Artist Comes to Bainbridge Arts & Crafts in July (Bainbridge Review, July 5)

June 2013

Amy Award winner Raquel Stanek profiled in Niche magazine, summer 2013 edition. Read all about her.

Final Days for “Setting Sail: Artists at Sea” (Bainbridge Review, June 29)

Setting Sail: Artists at Sea Comes to Bainbridge Arts & Crafts (June 4)

May 2013

Reception tonight for high school artists at BAC (Bainbridge Review, May 17)

BAC presents art from Wes McClain, Kristin Tollefson and BI Students in May (Bainbridge Review, May 3)

April 2013

BAC Hosts Artists’ Almost Perfect Sale (Bainbridge Review, April 23)

BAC showcases art of Larry Halvorsen (Bainbridge Review, April 12)

‘Digital Art – A New Generation’ kicks off with artists’ reception, gallery talk (Bainbridge Review, April 5)

March 2013

‘Digital Art – A New Generation’ opens today at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts (March 29)

Mosaic Artist Wins 2013 Amy Award (Bainbrige Review, March 22)

(Stanek) Wins Bainbridge Arts Award (Kitsap Sun “Good for You,” March 17)

For Amy-Winning Island Artist Raquel Stanek Life Is a  Mosaic of Change (Inside Bainbridge, March 10)

‘Insights II’ continues at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts (Bainbridge Review, March 8)

Insights II’ opens’ at BAC (Bainbridge Review, March 1)

February 2013

Jackson Marks 10 Years at BAC (Bainbridge Review, February 11)

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Denise Harris, Hang-Ups from Childhood, 2011. Steve Stolee photo.